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Oct 15, 2012 5:30am EDT
to the bottom of this then the president of the united states. he feels personal responsibility for every representative hh sends arouud world."anddon the heels of last week's house hearrngs bipartissn investigation.aneww- 3pearings begin today... for &pconcordia.francescooschettino is accused of steering ttee whicc caused the ship to hht rocks and capsize last january. 32 people were killed.seveeal crew members and mmnagers are also unner invvstigation. the presiient of francee.. wants tooban hooework... but don't get excited yet...he wants to lengthen the schooo we. week.he says eddcation is a priority and that work shoold teechers.right ow, french hers- studdnts go to sccool ffur wants it to go baak to four and a hall.he syys these changes would improoe pon't have the proper support at home. the more chooollte you eat... looked att23 countries... and founn that for the highest chocolate consumption and the most nobel lauueates. the u-- sccred somewheree n the middle. researchers believe the ingreeients in plant-based foods like coooa, green tea, improve cognitive fuuction.
Oct 18, 2012 5:00am EDT
nafis is from baagledesh.he came to thh united states oo a student visa. ccarging documents show milittry target ii baltimore was the idea as scrapped.nafis s charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destructionn and attempting to provide material suppoot to al qaeda. the rial of the man accused of shooting and kiiling trayvon martinnis mooed to next summer. summer. a judgg set george zimmerman's murder trial for junn 0--th. zimmerman's defense lawyers teeted hat they will likely ask for a hearing before thhn.. that would decide whetherror not zzmmerman's actionssare protected under florida's controversial "staad our ground" law. if the judge aggeesswith te mmtion... zimmerman woull walk free and theee would be no trial. zimmerran issfacing 2nd degree murder charges in the death of the 17 year old. cccling legend lancc armstrong of his cancer-fighttng hairman 3 charity, "livestrongg. "liiestroog".armstrong made theeannouncement a week after claims to have ooerwwelmmng a doping program.he's denied n - stattmenn on the group's website, he says his decisi
Oct 24, 2012 5:30am EDT
..hrre judges months if merzbacher hhuld go : free:"i'd say he' the most united states"tonight thiss group says their abuse is an unwwnted life sentence...and same fate:...should shhrr the -3 ccild rapiit, there is noo - doubt innmy mind thatthe willl do it again" to ttissday, john merzbacher has maintained his innocence. 3 &ptwoohigh ranking pooice commanders are cleared oo surprise move, the city - state's attorney issuee a ssatemenn sayyng the two un-named captains didn't &pviolate any aws wwen they submitted evvral time heets for the same pay period... to colleet overtimm.baltimorees - invessigated the allegations taxpayers aae billee moreethan fees for the civil suit gal &pagainst anne arrndel county executive,,john leopold.that's on top of the 21-thousand alreaay aiddto thatcher law firmm leopold promises to employee is suing him for ty - genderrdiscrimination... claiiing he fired her after &pshee omplained he made inappropriate commmnts. the meningitissoutbeak... has now reached georgia... tting one state to mmke sure happen again.e this doesn't - againnmassachussets tate oofi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3